How long do coolsculpting results last?

After 8 to 10 weeks, approximately 90% of the target fat cells may have been eliminated, but for some, the result may continue to develop for 6 months. Cold sculpting can also be safely repeated on the same area with procedures spaced approximately 3 weeks apart. Because CoolSculpting destroys fat cells, it delivers long-lasting results. Once the fat cells are gone, they can't grow back.

However, keep in mind that receiving a CoolSculpting treatment doesn't mean you'll never gain weight in the target area again, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential. CoolSculpting results have been proven to be long-lasting, as a considerable amount of fat cells are destroyed. However, several factors affect the generation of new fat cells, and steps must be taken to avoid this in order to enjoy the maximum benefits of CoolSculpting. The results of your body sculpting treatment won't appear right away.

When you receive treatment, fat cells in the target area are destroyed and the lymphatic system naturally removes cells from your body. This means that fat will be removed slowly, so you can expect to see results one to three months after treatment. The lymphatic system must be able to eliminate fat cells without affecting your daily life, and you will not notice that the elimination process occurs. Most of the destroyed fat cells are eliminated from the body as waste.

Now that you know that CoolSculpting results last and are long-term, the next step is to determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment. CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis, which is a process of using extreme cold to damage fat cells that are then safely absorbed and naturally eliminated by the body. Learn more and start reducing fat in the long term by scheduling a free consultation with The Medspa, the leading provider of CoolSculpting West Hartford. Before opting for the popular fat freezing treatment, most patients ask “how long does CoolSculpting last”.

Although the long-term study of the effect of CoolSculpting is in its early stages, certain studies have reported durability in patients up to 5 years after cryolipolysis. CoolSculpting is the only treatment of its kind and has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective in reducing stubborn fat. If you're ready to start counting down the weeks until you see your ideal body shape with CoolSculpting, visit Beautique Medical Anti-Aging in Knoxville, TN for an initial consultation today. The cost of CoolSculpting will depend on the area of the body where the procedure will be performed and the number of sessions to be performed.

In addition, another study reported an 86% improvement in a survey of 518 patients, and most of these patients were satisfied with the procedure and were willing to recommend CoolSculpting to their friends. In a small number of patients, a condition known as paradoxical adipocyte hyperplasia (PAH) has been found, in which there is a growth of fat cells at the CoolSculpting site. It's your responsibility to lead a healthy lifestyle if you want to maintain CoolSculpting results.

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